Terms & Conditions

HixxySoft guarantee never to sell or lend any user data to any third party for the purposes of Spam emails, telephone calls or mail. All payments by credit card are made through third parties, such as NetPay and PayPal. We do not get access to your credit card details, nor can or do we hold any credit card details on file. Our mailing lists are held by a third party, Mailchimp Inc for the purposes of us sending relevant emails to our customers regarding new releases and offers. Every such email contains an unsubscribe link to remove your email address from the database. By clicking to join our mailing list, you are agreeing to receive our mailings. All such storage of user details is as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998.

We take every step possible to keep our data secure. Our warehouse is externally secured with metal shutters and has an alarm system.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

The categories of personal data we collect and use - Name Address Email Address Telephone Number - if provided ip address used to place the order Account login name only - we cannot see your password, although we can allocate a new one Transactional information - orders dates and items ordered Any emails you have sent us How we use your data - Name, address and order information will be used to process your order, held on a back orders list if out of stock, and held in a historic spreadsheet Your email address is used to send you newsletters or to communicate with you. Newsletters are processed and sent by third party Mailchimp inc Based on your consent, to send you marketing communications. If you win one of our competitions, we may post your name on Facebook and on our newsletter Sharing your personal data - We share your name and email address with Mailchimp Inc to send you Newsletters. You may remove your consent for this by clicking on unsubscribe at the top of any of our newsletters. In the event of HixxySoft Ltd being sold, your personal details and order history would be sold with the company. We do not currently plan to sell the company at any point.