Pergamano Ball Tools Bundle
Pergamano Ball Tools Bundle
Extra Small Ball 1mm (10071) - Embossing Tool Small Ball 1.5mm (10011) - Embossing Tool Large Ball 3mm (10021) - Embossing Tool Ball 4.5mm (10098) - Embossing Tool Extra Large Ball (10099) - Embossing Tool Groovi® Tool Bag Groovi® A5 Parchment (20 Sheets) Guide to Parchment Embossing by Linda Williams
Pergamano Excluisve ScissorsPergamano Excluisve Scissors
Pergamano Excluisve Scissors
The pointed scissors exclusive (silver coloured) was especially designed for cutting perforations into crosses, slits and other decorative shapes- The pointed scissors have bent blades you can place even easier into the perforations. These pointed scissors are advised for beginning Pergamano hobbyists because it is cheaper than the other pointed scissors in the product range and cuts very well. Packaged individually. Also comes with black foam and a guide to parchment cutting by Linda Williams.

Pergamano Mapping Pen
Pergamano Mapping Pen
The mapping pen is used in tracing patterns using tinta ink. After use the bronze nib can be placed in the holder reversed so it won't damage. The bronze nibs are available separately per 12 pieces (19201). The mapping pen is made from a flexible and very durable material and has a specially developped dirt repelent rubber for a soft but firm grip. In addition the weight and the ergonomic design ensure an ideal distribution of pressure during tracing. The perforating tool is 16 cm long and executed with subtle stylish details in the striking Pergamano colours. The tool has a transparent protective cap. Packaged individually.
Pergamano Perga Colour 30 Water Based Markers for Parchment CraftsPergamano Perga Colour 30 Water Based Markers for Parchment Crafts
Pergamano Perga Colour 30 Water Based Markers for Parchment Crafts
The perga colours exclusive (PCE) are markers with a water based ink. The ink can be applied to the parchment paper with or without a brush. The perga colours exclusive give you the opportunity to create beautiful projects using a relatively simple technique. Each PCE has 2 different tips: a thick and a thinner tip which makes it even easier to apply colour. The numbers on the perga colours exclusive correspond to the numbers in the Pergamano pattern instructions. The PCE's are packed in a luxury tube with 30 different colours.

Pergamano Perga CutterPergamano Perga Cutter
Pergamano Perga Cutter
The perga cutter is a breakthrough in the cutting technique; it works as a pair of tweezers and cuts like a pair of scissors which ensures less stress on your wrist. Also comes with black foam and a guide to parchment cutting by Linda Williams.
Pergamano Tool Organiser
Pergamano Tool Organiser
You'll have all Pergamano materials within reach with this convenient and practical tool organiser. You can organize the tools to your own taste and conveniently store them. There is also room for your pointed scissors, A5 embossing and perforating pads and grids. The tool organiser can be completely closed by a zipper and has lots of extra storage space and pockets. The handle ensures you can easily take the tool organiser to a course and/or workshop. The tool organiser is executed in the recognizable Pergamano colours and has a black lining which beautifully shows the new generation of Pergamano tools. Dimensions: 27cm x 22cm / 10.63" x 8.66

Pergamano Ultra Fine Glitter (6pcs)Pergamano Ultra Fine Glitter (6pcs)
Pergamano Ultra Fine Glitter (6pcs)
Perga-Glitter: Ultra-Fine Glitter Ultra-fine Anti-static Translucent Iridescent Non toxic 6 iridescent colours: Hint of Blue Hint of Copper Hint of Green Hint of Pink Hint of Silver Hint of Gold