Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker  - INTRODUCTORY PRICESilhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker  - INTRODUCTORY PRICE
Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker - INTRODUCTORY PRICE
Can you imagine being able to create your own stamps? With this new tool, you will stamp any drawing, word or name that may cross your mind. Silhouette Mint is the most innovative electronic tool that has ever been created, intended to produce our own personalized stamps. We can make really detailed stamps for any purpose: scrapbooking, party decoration, invitations, gifts... Light, portable design, fits anywhere. In order to achieve so highly detailed designs, it works with thermal printing. With this tool, we can: Create stamps using the designs in the Silhouette Online Store. Create texts and names with all kinds of fonts. Design our own drawings. Import images through the Mint Studio Software. Transfer a picture into a detailed stamp. Operating instructions: Pick your model or design it with your favorite font or picture, insert a stamping sheet in the machine and press "print" in the Silhouette Mint Studio software, place your stamp in the mat and apply liquid ink, stamp over a surface of your choice (you can make approximately 50 stamps before you need to apply ink again). This kit includes: Silhouette Mint Tool Power cable and USB cable Mint Studio Stamps Design Software 15x60 mm Stamps Kit. 30x30 mm Stamps Kit. Liquid inks in black, red, blue and yellow Operating instructions All of the inks and the refills can be bought separately.